Thousands tune in as two drivers battle for hours over a car park

A black car and a silver car battle for a park
The two cars battled it out for over an hour. Photo credit: Twitter / @Mrhflrs

A US woman has live-tweeted an intense parking power struggle that occurred outside her apartment.

The battle lasted almost two hours, and her documentation of the ordeal on Twitter has gone viral.

The Los Angeles woman, who dubbed herself 'Koreatown neighbor', shared the saga in photos and videos on Monday.

At 6:35pm (local time), she tweeted a picture of a black car reversing into a parallel park. The car was being boxed from behind by a silver car.

Ten minutes later, both cars were still in position, each refusing to bend to the other. Half an hour later, and the saga was continuing.

"If this was some type of sport, I'd imagine we're nearing half-time" she wrote.

"Sun goes down in less than 30, also a parking spot has opened up across the street but it seems like this is more about the principal (sic)."

At 7:08pm, traffic can be heard blasting their horns as the two drivers battle it out on the streets.

Finally, over an hour later, the car in front of the black car drives away - meaning both stubborn motorists can park behind each other.

Strangely, neither occupant leaves their car for another half an hour.

The Twitter user who chronicled the battle for the space placed a note on each car with a specially created email address, asking each driver to email her their side of the story. It is unclear if she has received a response.

The strange interaction has sparked a debate over Twitter about who was entitled to the spot - with people replying who they thought deserved it.

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen weighed in, saying it was obviously the black car's spot.

The thread has received over 130,000 likes, and more than 1000 comments.