US bride achieves incredible weight loss to avoid wedding dress 'fat tax'

A US woman has shared an amazing weight loss story; losing over 60kg ahead of her wedding to fit into her dream gown.

Mary Jane O'Toole says it was only when planning for her wedding in November last year that she realised how much expensive plus-sized wedding dresses were.

"I didn't want to buy a plus-size wedding dress, because they cost way more than straight sizes," she told People magazine.

"I was tired of having to buy clothes that were only at certain stores. I felt like I was paying this fat tax - I didn't have the ability to buy affordable clothes because I was bigger."

She says she hit 281 pounds (127kg) at her heaviest weight, and suffered knee and energy issues. 

"I didn't really understand how to eat properly," she revealed.

"I never ate because I was hungry - it was because it smelled or looked good, or because my friends were going to Steak n' Shake or Taco Bell."

O'Toole has shared her weight loss on her Instagram account, which she says keeps her accountable. Followers can view her new healthy meals and exercise regime of three days of strength training and two days of yoga a week.

In less than two years she lost over 60kg, and wore a US size 6 dress on her wedding day.

In a post on her Instagram page, O'Toole says she never pictured wearing such a fitted dress.

"But I loved this day and this dress - it was eye opening to see my body in this way," she wrote.

"If you ever feel like your body isn't made for a garment, just remember that maybe some asshole decided the garment shouldn't be made for you."