US parents who feed their infant son bin scraps say everyone should be doing it

An American couple who feed their eight-month-old son with food they have scavenged from supermarket dumpsters, say others should follow their lead.

Chelsey  Fleming and her boyfriend Johnny don't do the usual grocery shop - instead they evade police as they break into the bins behind supermarkets, searching for food to feed themselves and their son, reports Metro.

They say their unusual eating habits save them NZD$289 a month.

"I'd say since we've started planning our meals around the food we find, we've cut our monthly food shopping bill in half, easy," said Chelsey.

The couple even has a side business, selling makeup and toiletries they have found dumpster diving, reports Metro.

Chelsey says she once made NZD$289 from two dumpster dives at Ulta, an American beauty store.

The couple says more people should adopt their frugal food habit.

"Digging through the trash may seem gross to some, but what is truly disgusting is the amount of food going to waste," said Chelsey.

"No one in America should be going hungry with all the food that gets thrown out from big companies and even from our own homes."

She says people can be snooty, but she and her partner don't care.

"Johnny and I have a lot to show for it," she said.

'We are homeowners with no debt and we got here by penny pinching."