'Veraciously virile' penis-shaped kumara sells on Trade Me for $245

Warning: This article contains an image that may disturb some viewers.

A kumara that looks remarkably like a penis has sold on Trade Me for $245.

The auction for the curiously shaped vegetable ended on Good Friday, and attracted 54 bids and 149 questions.

The seller wrote in the auction's description he was surprised and proud to discover the phallic object in his kumara patch.

"How in the name of natural science did my urban vegetable garden in the picturesque hamlet of Waiuku produce such a splendid spectacle of virility as this magnificent kumara?

"I've been told the land was fertile but this has redefined the term."

They compared the kumara to the work of history's greatest artists, saying Michelangelo's work would pale in comparison to Mother Nature's.

"If you gave Michelangelo a bar of modelling clay and challenged him to come up with the most vulgar phallic representation of male genitalia that he possibly could, he would throw down his tools in despair if he saw what my kumara patch just produced.

"If his David statue had half the potency of this monstrous demon it wouldn't be on public display today & Goliath would have backed out of the fight real early on."

A penis shaped kumara.
The kumara. Photo credit: Trade Me

Questions on the auction poked fun at the kumara's shape and also commended the seller on the hilarious description.

"That's one HOT potato," one person wrote.

"Customer at work today told me to go eat a d*ck, so I might just place just bid," another said.

All the money raised by the auction for the "botanic beast" will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.