Why this $280-a-week room for rent in London faces online ridicule

A mind-boggling advertisement for a London-based double bedroom has left potential tenants scratching their heads.

The problem lies in there appearing to be no way in or out - unless it's through the window.

In photos on the now-deleted rental listing, the door is hidden behind the wardrobe. The room's occupant would have to wheel the wardrobe to one side to get in. 

The room was listed for £145 (NZ$280) a week and described as a "Cosy Bright Double Room".

The room was described as "massive".
The room was described as "massive". Photo credit: SpareRoom.

In its description, the agent wrote "The room itself is massive yet warm and cosy, with an amazing view and lots of natural light!"

"Plenty of storage, it comes with a single bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers."

The room drew a lot of heat on social media.
The room drew a lot of heat on social media. Photo credit: SpareRoom.

The now-deleted advert on room sharing site SpareRoom has drawn comparisons to fictional land Narnia, due to its apparent entry through the wardrobe.

"£145 a week to lodge with Mr Tumnus," Twitter user Becky Brynolf joked.  

She shared the ad, and captioned the post: "Please look at these pictures and tell me the window - OR THE WARDROBE - isn't the only way to get in or out of this room #renting #london."

One follower replied that it was "easy peasy" to get in. 

"The wardrobe is on wheels. So you simple roll it towards the bed and squeeze through."

"Is this an escape room?", one Twitter user joked, to which another replied: "I think it's the opposite".

"How is that even legal?" another asked.

"Whoever set this up isn't very good at Tetris or fire safety." 

Earlier this year, The Independent reported that asking rents in London have risen to an all-time high, raising a whopping 2.1 percent in the last four years.