Woman gives birth in bathroom, says she didn't know she was pregnant

A baby holding the finger of an adult.
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A New Jersey woman gave birth to her son in her bathroom after not noticing she was pregnant.

Patricia Crawford gave birth to her son James on March 28 after waking up with what she thought was food poisoning.

She had been trying for a baby with her husband Evan Darragh, but the pair thought they had not been successful yet, News 12 New Jersey reports.

Crawford said she had been focussed on the fact March 28 was the first anniversary of her father's death and didn't worry about the stomach aches she had been experiencing.

James' arrival when she went running into the bathroom early that morning was completely unexpected.

'By the time I got back to the toilet area all of a sudden a baby came sliding out,' she told News 12 New Jersey.

'It was just like "oh my God, what are we even going to do.'"

The couple managed to scrounge together supplies for the baby thanks to the help of family and friends.

James was named after Crawford's father due to his birth date.

"I think my sister said it best. She [said] it was like my dad came from heaven and said "you will no longer be sad on March 28 ever again,'" Crawford said.

"And it's really the best thing in the world."