World's first deep-fried kiwifruit Easter egg goes on sale

kiwifruit easter egg
Owner Anna Arndt said they were keen to do something special for Easter. Photo credit: Supplied

The world's first deep-fried kiwifruit easter egg made its debut this weekend at a fish and chip shop in Queenstown.

"We gave it to someone yesterday and they went, 'Wow, ths is amazing!'" Erik's Fish and Chips owner Anna Arndt told Newshub.

"You've got the sour of the kiwifruit and the sweet of the chocolate, you've got the sweet and sour burst of flavour in your mouth."

It's a kiwfruit infused with chocolate, deep-fried then also dipped in chocolate.

"We put the chocolate inside the deep-fried kiwifruit, so when we cook it it'll melt and go extra gooey. And then when it comes out of the deep-fryer, we dunk it in dark chocolate."

Her staff tried a few different combinations, including one with marshmallow, before settling on the triple-layered chocolate-kiwifruit-chocolate concoction.

"I haven't found anyone else in the world who's selling deep-fried kiwifruit, so I'm sure one that's infused with chocolate is definitely a first," she said.

They cost $5, and will be on sale through to the end of Monday.