'No one is happy all the time': Burger King takes aim at McDonald's with 'Real Meals'

Burger King Real Meals
The Real Meals come in five different forms. Photo credit: Facebook

Burger King is taking on one of the most iconic fast-food meals of all time in aide of a good cause.

"No one is happy all the time," Burger King USA said in a statement, unveiling its Real Meals, which "come in a variety of different moods - and happy isn't one of them" a direct jab at the McDonald's brand's iconic Happy Meal.

The Real Meals come in five different forms named 'Pissed', 'Blue', 'Salty', 'YAAAS' and 'IDGAF' and have been created in partnership with Mental Health America for Mental Health Awareness Month in the US.

Each meal contains a whopper burger, fries and a drink and are only available at select stores in Los Angeles, New York City, Austin, Seattle and Miami.

The fast-food chain has even created a new hashtag, #feelyourway, to go along with the campaign that riffs off its regular catch-phrase of 'have it your way'.

Social media users have been quick to let Burger King know exactly how they feel.

Another user summed things up for a lot of people out there, pointing out the key difference between the Burger King and McDonald's offerings.

"Burger King, I love that you've partnered with MHA to address mental health issues and the stigma associated with it. Good on you! But, I would appreciate a toy in my 'it's okay to not be okay meal'."