Bikini model Karina Irby celebrated for 'real' transformation pics

An Australian model is winning praise online for a series of before and after photos that show what she calls a "natural transformation".

Karina Irby is using her Instagram account to illustrate her weight gain of 10kg over 10 years, while also showing off her eczema.

She says she wishes her 2019 self could give her 2009 self some advice, and is sharing that with others.

"You'll never look like another person no matter how hard you work out. We are all built differently and that's a beautiful thing," says Irby.

"Stop being so hard on yourself. Your body is beautiful and it's keeping you alive! Worship the heck out of it! I wish I did sooner."

Comments under the posts are celebrating Irby's photos and message, calling her "brave" and "beautiful".

Trolls have also insulted her appearance - saying she looks "fat" and her eczema is "disgusting".

But those messages only seem to reinforce what she's saying.

"I believed I had to be skinny and tiny to look good... and promote swimwear. Not only that, but I thought it was a must to be accepted in my personal life and in relationships," says Irby.

"I thought I was happy, but looking back, I was lost, trying to find a way to happiness and accepting myself. Not only has my body changed, but so has my confidence, mindset, education, relationships and maturity level.

"Present day; I love myself - every little inch. It's not cocky or self-absorbed; it's simply acceptance for who I am... and I love it!"

Irby currently has around 1 million Instagram followers.