Burning up: How to break out the barbeque in winter

barbecue going in winter
The foodies behind Fire and Thyme have given their top tips for cranking up the heat in winter. Photo credit: Getty

For many Kiwis, the start of winter brings with it the sad placing of the cover over the barbeque, bidding goodbye to the coals to make way for slow cookers and the Thermomixed soups of the season. 

But do not fear! Self-confessed "barbeque addicts" Jamie and Theresa from Fire and Thyme have put together some top tips for cranking out the barbeque during the cold months. 

Fire and Thyme's barbeque tips for the colder months: 

  • Take your traditional roast outdoors - if you've got the grill going for a BBQ, why bother with the oven? Use the grill to bake or roast potatoes, kumara, carrots or parsnips; or char broccoli, cauliflower, and even Brussel sprouts. Season well, and don't be afraid to build up a good char.
  • Weekend barbecuing is the perfect way to meal prep for warming weeknight meals - while you've got the grill going, cook generous cuts like brisket, beef ribs, pork butt or lamb shoulder, then use the ample leftovers to make quick and hearty pies, pastas, or soups during the week, or be the envy of the office with slow cooked meat in wraps for your weekday lunches.
  • Play around with non-traditional flavours - winter is a great time to try a new spin on traditional BBQ cuts by instilling some Asian style flavours to heat your plate up. We love dishes like sweet and salty peanut chicken drumsticks; sticky asian beef skewers; tandoori lamb cutlets and five-spice pork ribs. 
  • Think campfire sweets - baked apples, skillet brownie, s'mores, or even just a trusty marshmallow on a stick. All warming winter desserts that can be easily cooked outside with your BBQ and something the kids will love with a side of ice cream.
  • Be creative by adding some smoke and fire to trusty favourites - our number one tip is to give anything a go on the grill. We've baked bread; smoked meatballs to accompany a delicious pasta; whipped up breakfast shakshuka; and simmered coconut curry mussel pots - all dished we invented in the kitchen and transitioned to the grill.

Here's two of our favourite winter-friendly barbeque recipes from Fire and Thyme: 

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