Feel a winter cold coming? News study shows wine could be antibacterial

A change of season brings with it cooler temperatures and a higher chance you'll catch a cold.

And research shows a nice merlot might do more than just warm you on a winter night.

"Wine has for centuries been seen for medicinal purposes," said the owner of Soljans Estate Winery, Tony Soljans.

According to the journal of agricultural and food chemistry, the organic compounds in wine can kill germs.

And Tony says it doesn't need to be top shelf.

"Just because it was expensive it doesn't mean it's any better for you than a wine that's inexpensive but you need to get a wine that's got characteristics and flavours that you enjoy," he told Newshub.

Contrary to what you may think it's not the alcohol or the acid that kill the bugs but rather the antibacterial properties of both red and white wine that help fight off both tooth plaque and sore throats.

But nutritionist Andrea Braakhuis says people shouldn't rush to the wine bottle in a bid to fight their winter colds.

"We'd still be recommending fruit and vegetables, and looking after yourselves and lots of fluid and all those very dull moderated health messages,"

Tony does say wine is to be enjoyed in moderation.

"No sculling, none of that kind of stuff."