Finally, you can wear bridal Crocs to your wedding

bridal crocs
The bedazzled bridal Crocs have been a hit online. Photo credit: Etsy.

Your wedding day often means having to suffer for your beauty; trying to pee in a giant gown, being sucked into shape wear and so on.

But now, you no longer have to worry about painful toes and blisters with your wedding heels - you can instead slip your toes into these sequined, bedazzled wedding Crocs.

The customised, cushioned footwear comes from Etsy designer Princess Pumps, which People reports is making the wedding-ready take on comfy clogs, covered in sparkling crystal embellishments.

Finally, you can wear bridal Crocs to your wedding
Photo credit: Etsy.

The shoes will set you back US$99 (NZ$150), less than a typical pair of wedding heels will cost you. 

While Crocs can usually be reasonably polarising, the internet had nothing but love for the bedazzled, comfy footwear.

"I'm wearing those white wedding crocs to my wedding and nobody can stop me," one woman tweeted.

"Sparkly white 'wedding crocs' are a thing so I'm gonna need someone to propose to me ASAP!" another stated.

"Just found out bridal Crocs were a thing, and for that reason I will be getting married," wrote another.

Crocs, which are popular with nurses and doctors due to their comfort and ease to clean, have been going increasingly high fashion in the last few years. In 2017, Balenciaga sent high heel Crocs costing US$679 down the runway, and rapper Post Malone just launched his second collaboration with the brand.