Grandmother slams Subway in bizarre one star review

Angry grandma at computer
The customer was outraged at the time taken to make 63 subs. Photo credit: Getty.

An angry Subway customer has slammed a worker for taking an hour to make 63 foot-long sandwiches in a bizarre Trip Advisor review.

In the review, the grandma claimed she placed the spontaneous, massive order to feed family and friends at her grandson's confirmation party. But she says she was less than impressed with the service she received, giving the sandwich chain a scathing one star.

The full review read: "As a last minute resort me and my sister went to this Subway to get 63 foot-long subs for my grandson's confirmation party and had to wait over an hour for the subs!

"Ridiculously long wait and the lady who took my order seemed really annoyed with me."

A Twitter user posted a screenshot of the review with the caption: "Everyone who works in customer service should legally be allowed to fight one customer a year".

The tweet has racked up over 230,000 likes and 50,000 retweets, with many agreeing with the sentiment.

"63 subs in 60 minutes is pretty damned good, actually," replied one person.

Another pointed out: "So this sub worker made roughly one sub per minute, for over an hour, at short notice, the customer's response was this? If I had needed 63 subs that badly and the server actually made them for me I don't think I would be able to thank them enough."

One person proposed a day where "retail employees can just unload on bad customers".

"Like the Purge, but for politeness."

Someone else pointed out the same reviewer had "some other funny ones", posting screenshots as evidence including a review where she complained about a sore stomach after eating five beef burritos at Taco bell.

Hospitality workers of the world can only hope the reviews are satirical.