Heart-wrenching message from man who lost the 'love of my life' to postnatal depression

A man in the UK  has penned a heartbreaking letter dedicated to his partner who lost her battle with postnatal depression.

He is also calling for women who suffer postnatal depression to seek help. 

Aaron Harbertson started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for his partner's funeral - but he also has a message for those donating.

"It is with great sadness to say Charlotte Masterton passed away last night after a long battle with postnatal depression and alcoholism," he wrote.

"To any women planning to have a baby please take postnatal depression seriously, make sure you seek help early on and get out as much as possible to baby groups. Don't let it ruin your family like it has mine," writes Harbertson.

"To their partners, keep a close eye on them and look out for the early symptoms. The earlier it is addressed the less likely it will transform into something fatal,"

He had a message for his late-partner too.

Aaron, Hugo and Charlotte
Aaron, Hugo and Charlotte Photo credit: Facebook/Aaron Harbertson

"To Charlotte, you are the love of my life and gave me the greatest gift possible, a little boy," he writes.

"It will haunt me for the rest of my life how it went from pure happiness and love to this... I promise to you I will raise Hugo into the gentleman you would have wanted to be, tell him stories every day about how kind, caring and beautiful you are and I will give Hugo your engagement ring when he finds the love of his life,"

The crowdfunding page aims to raise £5000 (NZ$9,744) to cover the cost of Charlotte's funeral. 

It has already reached 94 percent of its goal.


Where to find help and support: