'I could do nothing': Tattika Dunn, mother of three-week-old who died in baby sling, speaks on losing newborn Harvey

Tattika Dunn has spoken out about the death of three-week-old Harvey.
Tattika Dunn has spoken out about the death of three-week-old Harvey. Photo credit: GoFundMe/Tattika Dunn

The mother of a three-week-old baby who died in a baby sling has spoken out about the devastating ordeal.

Tattika Dunn, 36, carried newborn Harvey in a baby sling to his postnatal check-up at Long Jetty Community Health Centre in New South Wales, Australia on April 8. 

Dunn didn't notice anything out of the ordinary throughout their "routine morning". It was only after she unwrapped the baby from the sling that the neonatal nurse realised Harvey wasn't breathing.

After attempting resuscitation, the medical team told Dunn nothing more could be done for her baby. Investigators are yet to establish the cause of Harvey's death.

In an interview with Kyle and Jackie O, Dunn relived the moment she fell to the floor and "started screaming" as a medical team attempted resuscitation.

Dunn tearfully told the interviewers: "I was on the floor watching my baby try to get resuscitated and I could do nothing to help him."

Dunn and her husband are grieving the sudden death of their baby.
Dunn and her husband are grieving the sudden death of their baby. Photo credit: GoFundMe/Tattika Dunn

Dunn said she carried her baby everywhere as he didn't like to lay in his pram.

"Every time I laid him flat he would scream straight away. It was like he was in pain. I would say it to the nurses… He never went in his pram."

Dunn believes Harvey's response to laying flat on his back could have been related to his birth.

After an induced "horror scene" labour and a forceps delivery, Harvey came into the world not breathing, "covered in bruises from the forceps," and with a blood clot on his head.

Dunn reportedly had a healthy pregnancy and her medical team believed Harvey had no underlying conditions.

Nurses told Dunn that Harvey's emotional response to being on his back was normal.

"I did everything they told me to do," Dunn said.

Dunn had decided to walk to the postnatal appointment with Harvey wrapped in his baby sling rather than risk his discomfort with a pram.

Police investigators are reportedly considering sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), said The Daily Telegraph.

Dunn and her husband Bill have four-year-old twins Seth and Bailey. They will now grow up without their baby brother.

"There's nothing worse. To tell them he's not coming back," said Dunn.

A GoFundMe page has been established to help the mourning couple. The page has almost raised $4,000.

The page, set up by North Entrance Surf Life Saving Club, paid tribute to Harvey.

"Fly high beautiful angel, and be the brightest star at night for your family."