I Love Food' vegan pies recalled after milk traces discovered

Vegan pies
The pies have been pulled off shelves around the country. Photo credit: Facebook.

A range of locally made 'vegan' pies have been pulled off shelves after it was revealed they contained traces of dairy.

The Ministry for Primary Industries posted on Facebook on Monday, declaring all batches of the vegan pie range from 'I Love Food'  were being recalled, after the presence of the undeclared allergen were detected.

That includes the Spiced Chickpea & Spinach pie, Lentil Mince & Cheese pie and Lentil Mince & Cheese Party Pies.

"Consumers with a milk allergy or intolerance or who are vegan should return the product to this store for a full refund," the post read.

The local baked good supplier issued an apology to customers on its Facebook page, saying it's trying to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

"We deeply regret this has occurred and understand that this will be upsetting to the vegan community and those affected by dairy allergies who may have chosen to purchase this product," read the post on the 'I Love Food' page.

"Some of the range used a dairy free cheddar alternative product which is not the source of the undeclared milk... To our wonderful and loyal customers, we apologise and we will keep you updated on any plans to start making these again."

Many have been left disappointed.

"Pissed off, won't be buying this again. Don't label yourself vegan, you're obviously not," one person commented on the MPI post.

"It makes me wonder how many industries out there are using the 'vegan' label to make a profit."

"This is so disappointing! There goes another safe food. We need better food allergen management and regulation in this country," wrote another.

The source of the dairy traces is likely to originate from the processing environment, as the manufacturer processes other products which contain milk or milk products.