KFC delivery expands into Auckland and Christchurch

Your Saturday hangover feed just got easier - KFC has extended its delivery services to more people, in more places.

Those in Hamilton, West Auckland, North Shore and Christchurch can all rejoice as their delicious fried chicken is delivered direct to their doorstep. 

As for the rest of the country in other parts of New Zealand - don't lose hope.

"We've recently extended it to a couple of areas in Auckland and Christchurch. It's more a natural extension of the service rather than a launch of something new," a spokesperson for KFC told NZME.

"As for other regions, KFC fans should watch this space," a spokesperson told NZME.

Meal home delivery has become a staple in recent years, with Uber Eats on the rise throughout New Zealand.

Let's hope KFC does the right thing and deliver New Zealand-wide soon.