Kiwi customers outraged after Pita Pit introduces fillings limit

Pita Pit
Hungry customers say they've faced disappointment. Photo credit: Instagram.

New Zealand sandwich lovers are angry and hungry after popular chain Pita Pit introduced a limit on fillings.

The pita and salad specialists introduced a new menu this week, which allows only five items to be included in the 'Designed by You' pita.

According to the Pita Pit website, the new menu is split into two parts: Pre-listed 'Designed by Us' pitas that are constructed with set fillings, and a range of 'Designed by You' pitas which operate in a more traditional way, with the customer selecting their favourite protein and adding fillings and sauce.

However an Auckland Pita Pit worker confirmed to Newshub that you can only add an extra four fillings, plus one type of cheese to your pita.

There was some confusion over sauce; at one branch they did believe it counted towards the limit, and at another they said it definitely didn't.

But for extra or 'premium ' ingredients a $2 charge would incur.

According to the site, premium ingredients include kimchi, roasted kumara and quinoa.

Previously, customers could choose unlimited extras, including salads, cheeses and sauces.

Pita Pit introduced the new menu on its Facebook page on Thursday, writing "lucky you  - we've got a whole new menu to get stuck into!"

In just over a day the post has garnered 65 comments, mostly from unhappy customers.

"The new changes make it much more expensive to get my usual and some of the products look to have changed to cheaper and less quality products. If I were to add your new 'premium options' I'd end up paying restaurant prices for a glorified sandwich," wrote one customer.

"Too expensive and the options for vegetarians are not as good as they were previously. You have priced yourself out of the market. It was also really confusing," said another.

"Wow the cost is even higher now!!! Only five fillings, [I] used to love my salads," wrote another.

However not everyone felt the new menu was a loss.

 "I had it today and tried some of the new options and it was great!" one happy customer noted.

In a post on the New Zealand Reddit forum, user 'Red_Staplah' posted that "Pita Pit has changed and it is terrible".

"Warning to anyone about to go on lunch break. Just spend about $12 for the same pita bread but could choose only five fillings (lettuce and cheese each count as one) and one sauce! Feel totally ripped off!"

An unimpressed commenter also noted that vegetables can no longer be put on the grill with their chosen protein.

Pita Pit has been approached by Newshub for comment.