Lower Hutt man's mum diagnosed with terminal cancer - and now he wants to help her get married

A Lower Hutt family received tragic news last month, when doctors told their mother she had terminal cancer. 

But now, in an effort to give their mum the send-off she deserves, her children are raising money so she can celebrate her dream wedding to her long-time fiancé.

Sonia Towersey and Michael Sims have been engaged for over 20 years, raising three children together in that time - but despite their long-term love affair, the pair never got round to tying the knot.

"They've always just been focused on us kids," the couple's son Dylan told Newshub.

"Mum has always been real focused on education, so they paid for Kip McGrath and NumberWorks for us all, and things like that. So that's where all the money went.

Sonia and Michael's three children when they were young.
Sonia and Michael's three children when they were young. Photo credit: Supplied

"She's always been so focused on all of us. Now I want the focus to be on her."

Dylan has started a Givealittle to try and raise the money the family never had. And with it, he wants to pay for his parents to have the wedding of their dreams.

He says his mother was ecstatic at the idea.

"She was happy as when she found out," he told Newshub. "I want it to be stuff she likes, but I'd plan it. She loves knitting, artsy stuff. Scrapbooking and things like that," he said.

The finer details may not be sorted, but Dylan knows exactly where he wants the wedding to be.

"Hanmer Springs. It was one of her favourite places to take us kids."

Dylan says he has fond memories of the family holidays at Hanmer - and he wants to create one last memory for the family to hold on to.

"One of the things she wants to do before she passes is visit Hanmer Springs again. So I thought why not get married there?"

So far, the family's Givealittle page has raised $175. If you'd like to donate click here.