Mother's Day a struggle? Redefine the day

For weeks we've been subjected to advertisements, pamphlets and articles reminding us that Mother's Day is on Sunday. While all of this may be helpful for people who actually want to celebrate their mums, the hype around Mother's Day can be extremely distressing for some.

"Mother's Day can be triggering for all sorts of people - those who have lost their mums, those who have difficult relationships, and for those struggling with infertility," psychologist Sara Chatwin told Newshub.

It's why Chatwin believes the day could be re-defined as "caregiver celebration" day - a day to celebrate those who have had a positive influence in your life, from friends to extended family.

"Surround yourself with positive people and talk about your feelings and how the day may be affecting you. Don't internalise those emotions - you can make yourself physically sick if you do," she says.

"It's important not to detract from other's happiness if you're not celebrating your mum. Rather, create your own celebration."

Psychologist Sara Chatwin.
Psychologist Sara Chatwin. Photo credit: Newshub

No matter who you choose to spend the day with, Chatwin believes there's no need to buy into the materialism surrounding Mother's Day.

"Spending time with loved ones, having meaningful conversations about gratitude and relishing seeing the smiles on your child's face are all more important than posting a picture of eggs bene on Instagram."

Going into Mother's Day with big expectations could result in people feeling let down or disappointed, Chatwin says.

"These days we put a lot of emphasis on having things, or doing things, and there's no need to.

"Spending time with those you cherish is gift enough rather than buying into the one-upmanship on social media," she says.