No hot baths: Fertility experts give their best tips on how to conceive

When it comes to conceiving, not everyone can do it in one go.

As part of Fertility Week, The Project got the best brains in fertility to answer our burning questions about how to maximise the chances of having a baby.

Dr Mary Birdsall's hot tip? Lots of sex.

"It's as simple as that. A healthy lifestyle, lots of sex at the right time of the month."

The right time of the month happens is three days before ovulation, according to fertility nurse Mieke Grooten. Birdsall suggests couples tying for a baby "put some crosses on the calendar" to remind them.

"Or look at an app, everyone's got an app these days for this."

When trying to conceive, experts say there are a few things that should be avoided.

"There's the whole area around phthalates, which are present in all of our moisturisers, our hair products, our perfumes, our deodorants, and they're really bad for eggs," Birdsall says.

"If you just change one thing, maybe don't get out of the shower first thing in the morning and coat yourself head to toe in moisturisers."

Dr Phill McChesney has a warning for the menfolk who want to keep their seed strong: don't get too hot and bothered.

"Heat definitely has an adverse effect on sperm count and motility. You should avoid prolonged sitting in a hot bath or spa or sauna."