The eccentric workouts that'll rekindle your love of exercise

Bored of slogging it out at the gym? Try these Auckland options for size.



The snazziest new player in the Newmarket block, you've probably seen Studiobox pop up on your Instagram feed.

Run by Dwayne Rowsell, the gym runs boxing classes probably a bit different to the shitty 'box fit' class at your local gym. Here, large, water-filled boxing bags hang from the ceiling in a room that feels a bit like a Hunger Games training ground.

You're taken through fast-paced drills as well as "conditioning" - think lunges and sit ups in-between rounds.

I was a little nervous and told instructor Trumaine that I was very much a "pilates and walks kind of girl", but he assured me I could go at my own pace once I got in there. But a warning: once you're inside, the dark room and the loud music is addictive, and soon I was punching the shit out of that bag like it had caused me some personal distress.

"Are you sure you just do pilates?" Trumaine asked me as I pummelled at it.

This workout is going to be a series regular for me: It's a little on the expenny side but worth it. You'll leave feeling shattered, but as emotionally cleansed as leaving therapy, and the next day will feel muscles you didn't know existed.

Sky Tower Yoga


As a part-time yogi and full-time Sky Tower lover (I have a thing about it, I think it comes from being from Christchurch, don't ask too many questions), I jumped at the chance to do an early morning flow in the city's highest studio.

Run on the observation deck every second Tuesday, this hour-long flow is both soothing and exhilarating. For the pretty bloody reasonable price of $20 (including mat) you get to do a sun salutation while watching the sun rise over the city.

It's at 7am so not SO early you want to cry at the thought your alarm, and leaves plenty of time to nip off to work afterwards.

The beautiful instructor Amanda Fell takes the class and she caters it for both complete beginners, or advanced yogis. It's an awesome experience that feels like something reserved for Instagram influencers, but actually is open to all.

Dance Dance Revolution


If you're someone who simply CAN NOT stomach the gym or the thought of pounding the pavement, this one might just be for you. The Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) community is only getting bigger in Auckland: those that hit up games arcades like Game On on Queen Street to play the popular game.

Guided by arrows on the screen, you hit arrows on the dance pad - it's like a solo dance class you can earn points in. Very fun, but also very sweaty.

Local DDR enthusiast Ivy Zhou says her fitness has never been better

"I used to go to the gym and go on the cross trainer and time would go so slow," she told me. "But with DDR, time goes so fast."

They're looking for more female players, so if it's a bit of you, hoof into it!

Watch the video to see my full DDR experience.