The Newshub Mother's Day gift guide

Mother's Day is almost upon us - a time when department stores convince us mums want tanning products and hair removal creams and fitness trackers. But as all stressed out and knackered mums know, what you really want is a little rest and relaxation!

Use this guide to buy gifts for your own mum, or perhaps print it and leave it lying around strategic places in your house.

Pamper voucher


A facial or a massage is more than just helping mum get her glow back, it's also you saying "I know you had no time to yourself when I was five and had a penchant for eating raw flour of the pantry, so now have an hour or so of you time".

Various places around the city are running Mother's Day specials: Beautiful Auckland spot Forme Spa has a Mother's Day package which includes a massage, facial, and pedicure. My personal favourite spot The Facialist have an 'Ultimate Indulgence' package with a herbal foot compress, hot stone massage, facial and champagne - snap up the discount if you book for two, and turn it into a mother/daughter date!

Spring Spa in Ponsonby also has the option of a mani/pedi package - great if you're on a budget.  

Flowers and a very nice card


Honestly, sometimes this is all it takes. I could buy my mother all the riches in the world and if I don't write a heartfelt card thanking her for all the things she's done, going back to the 36 hours she was in labour with me, then I have NOT TRIED. 

No, but seriously, mums love a gesture and whether you cobble together an arrangement yourself or commission a local florist, flowers brighten up the lounge and mean she can show off to her friends.

It's important to choose local and season: Tulips, freesias, proteas, and Lisianthus are all around but get in quick. Year round contenders are roses, chrysanthemums , gerberas and lilies

Support your local florist and find a retailer near you. 

Book in an experience


Just hanging out with your mum can be the best thing in the world, but as we all know, actually going out for dinner or a movie on Mother's Day can be a nightmare. Instead give a voucher for future experience together at the time of her choosing: my picks are going to see a movie in Gold Class, or a pasta-making class like this one at Goode Brothers.

Cook breakfast/dinner/dessert


If your mum is anything like me, being cooked for might just be the greatest delight in the world. These recipes for a Regal Smoked Salmon Bagel breakfast or a dairy free chocolate mousse (for vegan, paleo mums) are both great options and could just do the trick.

Regal Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bagel

The Newshub Mother's Day gift guide
Photo credit: Regal Salmon.

Serves 2

  •    1 x 100g Regal Marlborough King Manuka Smoked Sal
  •    2 tbsp of lemon juice
  •    1 tsp dry mustard
  •    Pinch of salt
  •    4 eggs
  •    2 tbsp single cream
  •    100g of butter
  •     2 tbsp of finely chopped dill, chives or parsley
  •     Bagels
  •     Cucumber
  •     Cress microgreens

1. In a glass bowl over a pot of simmering water whisk together lemon juice, mustard, pinch salt, eggs and single cream.

2. Whisk together well dropping in butter, cut into cubes. Allow each cube to melt before adding the next. Whisk until starts to thicken. Mix in finely chopped dill, chives or parsley and season to taste.

3. Then soft boil two eggs for 4 minutes, until whites are firm and yolks are still runny.

4. Toast two bagels under the grill or in a toaster. Layer thin slices of cucumber with slices of Regal Salmon on top. Arrange the soft-boiled egg and then a spoonful of the herb and butter sauce.

5. Garnish with fresh cress microgreens to serve.

The Newshub Mother's Day gift guide
Photo credit: Wahiki ice cream.

Keto Chocolate Mousse


  •   5 tbsp WaHiki Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream
  •   1 can of full fat coconut cream
  •   1 tbsp coconut milk or 1 tbsp maple syrup instead of the coconut milk and stevia
  •   1 tsp stevia
  •   3 tbsp organic raw cocao powder (not cocoa)
  •   1 tsp vanilla essence

1. Place the can of coconut cream in the fridge overnight then open and scoop the top layer of hardened coconut cream off the top (usually about half the can will be the cream then the bottom half will be coconut water).

2. Place into a blender with the WaHiki Ice Cream, coconut milk or maple syrup, stevia if not using maple syrup, cacao powder (I use cacao not cocoa as it has more health benefits - think much higher antioxidants, iron and magnesium - and a lighter fresher flavour) and vanilla essence.

3. I also used a vanilla pod and scraped the vanilla seeds out for a little extra vanilla flavour.

4. Blend until well combined and smooth. If its not blending well then add a tiny bit more coconut milk or maple syrup.

5. Once well blended scoop into a nice glass or dish and place in fridge for at least a couple of hours.

6. Optional extra to add a nice edible flower on top or a drizzle of maple syrup.

Note: If you use maple syrup the recipe is no longer keto.