UK Woman, 'physically sick' after bloodstains on playsuit bought online from Pretty Little Thing

period stained playsuit
The offending playsuit bought online. Photo credit: Twitter.

A woman in the UK says she's "absolutely appalled" after receiving a playsuit she purchased online, with "washed out blood stains between the legs". 

After receiving the snakeskin-print playsuit from online shopping boutique Pretty Little Thing, Stephanie Stillie posted an image on Twitter showing the stained crotch.

"Absolutely disgusted that someone would be able to send this back, never mind you send this out to another customer. Clearly something wrong with your company processes," she captioned the image.

The woman also says she felt "physically sick" when seeing it.

In a follow-up tweet, she revealed the store refunded the playsuit, "but considering I spent six pounds for next day delivery and they kept that, I'm still not happy," she added.

"[There was] someone else's bodily fluids on that. Will most definitely not be ordering from there again."

A customer service representative for PLT responded to her tweet a short while later.

"I am extremely sorry that you have received your playsuit in this state," they wrote.

"Please DM [direct message] us with a photo showing the stain and the order number. We will get this resolved immediately."

It's not the first time the online store has come under fire. The Daily Record reports last week a woman says she was left "stained blue like a smurf" after swimming in a blue bikini from PLT.

After contacting the company she was told the swimsuit was only for "poolside posing," not for swimming.