US mother gives birth to fourth child in car en-route to hospital

A US mother has given birth to her fourth child in the front seat of a car while her husband drove her and their three children to the hospital.

Rudy Naper, 35, told her husband Michael Addison, 35, to take her to the local hospital after she started feeling unwell. The hospital is reportedly only a five-minute drive from their family home in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The couple took their three children, aged eleven, eight and four, in the car. Shortly into the journey Naper went into sudden labour.

The couple's son recorded his mother's en-route labour, which was posted to Addison's Facebook on Saturday, 25 May (local time).

The video, which shows Naper's labour and water breaking in graphic detail, has been viewed almost 10.5 million times as of Friday (NZ time).

Naper was reportedly two weeks from her due date.

Mother giving birth in car.
Rudy Naper gave birth to her fourth child en-route to the hospital in the passenger seat of the family car. Photo credit: Facebook/Screenshot.

The baby, called Jolee, is Naper and Addison's third daughter. Both mother and baby were discharged from the hospital after 24 hours and are both doing well, according to TODAY.

Addison captioned the Facebook video: "I've done a lot of things in the front seat of my vehicles. But delivering a baby while driving and with three crying kids in the back seat... Can I get a MVP or something!"

The video has received a lot of positive comments and praise from Facebook users, congratulating the couple on their healthy baby and Naper's incredible birth.

On May 29 Addison posted on his page that due to the overwhelming response to the video, the couple had decided to make a public family Facebook called The Addison's.

"Our mission is just to spread love and blessings around the world!" says their new public Facebook.