Warnings issued over infant cot death after Kim Kardashians new baby post

Kim Kardashian's son Psalm West
Experts are saying the excess bedding and blankets could lead to SIDS. Photo credit: Instagram.

The birth announcement of Kim Kardashian' fourth child last week made international headlines, but not for all the right reasons.

Experts and other parents are slamming the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star for the photo she posted of newborn son Psalm West, saying the way she positioned the baby is downright dangerous.

While not pointing any fingers, UK charity The Lullaby Trust issued a statement this week warning parents that celebs and influencers may be posing their babies "unsafely".

The charity provides expert advice on safer sleep for babies, supports bereaved families and raises awareness on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

According to The Mirror, the statement read; "In the age of social media, celebrities have more influence than ever over parents and consumers.

"When it comes to sharing images of their babies, it is important for them to keep in mind that their photos might be unintentionally promoting unsafe practices or products."

The charity noted that around five babies a week die from the shock syndrome in the UK.

"It is vitally important that parents are aware of advice on how to sleep their baby safely, if all parents had access to this information many lives could be saved.

"However, images depicting celebrities sleeping their babies unsafely give mixed messages to parents and make this task much more difficult."

The charity says that some celebrity baby photos feature products that are not recommended such as pods or nests.

Other mothers have also left comments on Kardashian's Instagram post, warning against the dangers of swaddled sleeping.

"Somebody needs to tell this woman to take that dangerous cot bumper off. Here in the UK there's multiple deaths caused by them and that sleepyhead is also dangerous!!" wrote one woman.

"Congrats. Please read up on infant safety though! Baby should sleep on a fitted sheet with nothing else in the crib at all," advised another follower.

The Lullaby Trust urges new parents to lay their babies down on their backs on a firm flat mattress without cushioned areas.

Nothing should be used to strap the baby into position, and pillows and bulky bedding should be avoided.