Why the walnut scrub in Kylie Jenner's skincare range is causing outrage

Beauty mogul Kylie Jenner is facing backlash over the announcement of her new skincare line, with one product in particular rubbing fans the wrong way. 

According to an announcement on Tuesday, Kylie Skin, due for release later this month, includes six products: A foaming face wash, a vitamin C serum, a toner, a moisturiser, an eye cream, and a walnut face scrub. 

The internet was quick to jump on one item in the line-up - the walnut face scrub.

Harsh face scrubs have long been known to be abrasive to the skin, often causing irritations and even microtears.

In clip on her social media, Jenner recommends using the walnut scrub two to three times per week, and says the scrub "isn't too abrasive". 

Beauty junkies turned to Twitter to express their outrage. 

"Why buy the walnut scrub when you could go scrape your face against tree bark for the same effect," one person wrote. 

"A WALNUT FACE SCRUB?! Why is Kylie trying to destroy our skin omfg," replied another. 

"If you really believe that Kylie Jenner's skin looks the way it does from using her new skincare line, then you deserve the consequences of a walnut face scrub," joked another. 

The scrub from the youngest member of the Kardashian clan sounds worryingly similar to the once-popular St. Ives apricot scrub, which many millennials would have had in their high-school skincare regime. 

That scrub was the subject of a 2017 lawsuit, when Plaintiffs claimed the physical exfoliant created microscopic tears in their skin, leaving it vulnerable to bacteria and causing long-term damage and sensitivity.

The case was eventually thrown out, but the reputation remained. 

US dermatologist Dr Michelle Henry told the New York Post to be careful with the scrub, as the "shells can really tear at the skin". 

"If it's course, it could cause a lot of damage."

In the world of modern skincare, it's pretty well known that a gentle chemical exfoliant, used once or twice a week (like this one, or this one), is much gentler and less abrasive on your skin. If you want a gritty consistency, choose a powder form that dissolves onto your skin, like this one

We'd recommend not starting your beauty journey with a walnut face scrub... Kylie Jenner probably didn't.