Woman horrified after potential employer accidentally leaves hurtful conversation on her voicemail

A shocking discussion left on the voicemail of a job candidate has given an insight into how photos on social media can be scrutinised by employers and potentially cost workers opportunities.

Perth woman Lily Rose-Wilson had applied for an administration role at STS Health, a medical product supplier, but didn't get to her phone when a woman involved in the hiring process, Michelle Lines, called her with an update about the position.

Lines left a voicemail, but didn't hang up the phone properly, recording the entirety of a brutal chat with another co-worker which followed.

"Not answering the phone now," she is heard saying.

"Probably getting another tattoo," the male colleague replies.

"She's probably doing her fake tan," Lines says back.

From there the pair proceed to critique Lily, judging her and making assumptions about her, based on her looks.

"I said, like, we really liked the resume and then I looked at these and went awwww," Michelle goes on.

The male can then be heard making alarm bell sounds.

"I don’t like her anymore," says Lines. "She's taking selfies all the time."

Amid the harsh blows made throughout the recording, Michelle's co-worker states that a male technician applying for a role would never be looked at so intensely.

Twenty-five-year-old Lily says her stomach dropped when she listened to the voicemail.

"The thing that really gets me is that she loved my resume, she really liked my resume, I could have been a possible candidate for that job until she saw my photos on Facebook," Lily told A Current Affair.

Lily was gutted that despite being "a clear applicant for that job", her chances were cut after Lines saw what she looked like.

Recruitment expert, Ross Clennett, believes Lily was discriminated against.

He says the point of hiring a person is to judge them based on their capabilities, and drawing a conclusion only from their Facebook doesn't make sense to him.

A statement provided to Channel 9 from STS Group said it takes their recruitment process "very seriously".

"We are undertaking our own enquiries into this matter and will take appropriate action internally based on the outcome of our investigations."