Woman's search for advice over dress for wedding backfires

A woman asking for advice over dress on Mumsnet
It's safe to say she won't be posting in there again. Photo credit: Mumsnet.

A woman concerned the dress she wanted to wear to a friend's wedding might "upstage the bride" has been dealt a fatal blow by the internet.

The woman, going by the screen name 'GetSetNo', posted an image of the blue silk dress with mullet train in popular mother's forum Mumsnet.

"It's about an inch off the floor at the back if I'm wearing flats which I intend to later on or with heels, [about] four or five inches," she explained in the forum.

"Everyone I've asked (6 people) says it's fine and I should definitely wear it but if I were the bride, I feel as though I'd think whoever wore it was trying to steal the limelight (although, you can never truly upstage a bride).

"Is everyone else being unreasonable here?" she finished by asking.

The offending dress.
The offending dress. Photo credit: Mumsnet.

The feedback she received was perhaps not what she expected.

'It's very horrible. So yes," one person wrote, getting straight to the point.

"How on earth would that compete with a wedding dress?? Eh????" another questioned

"I think it's awful and unflattering and would look terrible with flats on. Dont do it send it back. I promise I'm not being rude or mean I am giving my genuine answer," another wrote.

"It's awful! Sorry," wrote another. At least they apologised.

I think it's safe to say 'GetSetNo' won't be posting in Mumsnet ever again.

There were a few dress fans however, who offered small glimmers of support.

"Personally I love it," wrote one supportive commenter, and another said she thought it was "lovely and perfectly suitable for a wedding".