Woman who married herself renews vows with flash mob and ceremony

A UK woman who married herself four years ago has celebrated a so-far successful union by renewing her vows in a wedding flash mob. 

Sophie Tanner, 40, took part in a sologamy ceremony in May 2015; walked down the aisle by her dad and accompanied by bridesmaids. 

After four years of wedded bliss, last week Tanner chose to renew the vows she made to herself, celebrating with a synchronised flash mob to The Greatest Showman's main track 'This Is Me' in the streets of Brighton. 

Tanner wore a white satin dress for the vow renewal, and held a bunch of daffodils for the occasion. The Daily Mail reports she promised to continue to take care of herself in her vows, and placed an eagle-shaped eternity ring on her own finger. 

Tanner told the Daily Mail she would never divorce herself, but would be open to marrying another person if she fell in love.

"I renewed my self-love vows because being married to myself is a continuous journey of discovery," she said. 

"In our culture, we don't have a ceremony that recognises our growth and development as an individual - unlike other cultures which do have rituals to mark the gateway into adulthood."

Sologamy, the practice of committing only to yourself, is reportedly growing in popularity. 

In 2017, Christchurch woman Emma Jane Love married herself in a beach ceremony in Australia. 

The practice also made national headlines in 2013 when Shortland Street character Nicole married herself onscreen.