Aussie dad reveals tips to making 'the perfect lunchbox'

School lunch box
The Melbourne dad's creations have captured the hearts of the internet. Photo credit: Facebook/School Lunch Box.

There was a period in primary school where I would swap my entire lunch for a Whittaker's Peanut Slab every day.

Vegemite sandwiches, a muesli bar, an apple... it all was handed over in return for the chocolate treat.

But my lunches were fairly uninspiring; perhaps if George Georgievski was making my lunch things would be different.

The Melbourne dad has been dubbed the ultimate lunch making guru, as he documents the beautiful creations he creates for his daughter's school lunches every day.

Now he's even making a living out of it, with his new book Lunchbox Express released this month.

Georgievski gave his tips for the perfect lunchbox to Daily Mail, revealing the items he would never include when making a packed lunch for his two daughters.

"Bright colours in the form of fresh produce [are key], use the rainbow as a form of inspiration," he advised.

He also recommends making your sandwiches less boring by putting twists on them, including his 'ravwich', which is his take on the Italian ravioli, or the 'spring-wich', which is his take on a Chinese spring roll.

Georgievski advises packing lunches in  Bento Box style box, "a cool and easier way to pack school lunches".

"There is no cross contamination - which is often an issue for kids - and it's also leak-proof, which means the food looks good."

Georgievski is a fan of small, bite-sized fruit and vegetables, with grapes, berries and cherry tomatoes often popping up in his creations.

When it comes to steering clear, he advises that watery fruits can leak through the lunchbox.

"Veggies that tend to wilt quickly like leafy greens are also a no go," he said.

Even as a 25-year-old, I would be a fan of bringing his creations into work - no trading for a chocolate bar this time.