Average time taken, best position for women to orgasm revealed

woman orgasm inbed
The revolutionary study is the first of its kind. Photo credit: Getty.

A new study has revealed how long it takes the average woman to reach orgasm - and it may be a surprise to some. 

The study, performed India's Kadave Institute of Medical Sciences, was the first of its kind; getting participants to have sex with a stopwatch alongside them. The women were required to start a stopwatch when they became sexually aroused, and stop it again when they climaxed.

The average time taken to reach orgasm was 13.5 minutes. However, timings varied, ranging from five minutes and 24 seconds, to a full 42 minutes. 

The study also revealed the best position to get to the big O, with 90 percent of those surveyed reporting a longer lasting orgasm when on top. 

With an average age of 30 years old, a total of 645 straight women from 21 countries took part in the experiment, all married or in long-term relationships.  

Scientists who conducted the study between October 2017 and last September believe they are the first to measure "orgasmic latency" - the gap between arousal and climax.

In comparison, another study by Geneva University in 2009, found that the average man just needs about six minutes to orgasm.