Big Mac proposal divides internet after ring presented in burger

Big Mac burger
A man has proposed to his girlfriend using a McDonald's Big Mac burger. Photo credit: Getty.

A man's unconventional proposal has split the internet, after he presented the ring to his future wife in the seed-covered bun of a McDonald's Big Mac.

An image of the "Burger ring" was posted to Facebook group Optimistic or Pessimistic by the lucky ring recipient, where its racked up over 18,000 likes and 10,000 comments.

The post has split opinion over whether it was a dream come true or an absolute McNightmare.

Big Mac burger with ring
The offending image of the "burger ring" that split the internet. Photo credit: Facebook.

Some could see the sweet side, with one person calling it their "McDream," and another joking "I swear to god if they didn't ask 'will you McMarry me?'"

 Others said they'd be horrified if their partner proposed in this way.

"Big Mac? Big No!" wrote one hater, while another pointed out "it's really (unnecessarily) bothering me that the bun is dry except for one weird smear."

"Can she have the burger if the answer is no?" asked another.

Other people suggested replacing an onion ring with an engagement ring, while some claimed they would have preferred their ring in a chicken nugget.

Personally if we're talking foods, I would like my ring presented in a wheel of brie cheese, but each to their own.

It's not the first time a ring has hit the headlines this week. One woman's massive "coaster-esqe" bejewelled engagement ring has been slammed online for its ugliness.