Couple with 55 year age difference claim they're 'deeply in love', starting family

A couple with a 55-year-age difference has revealed the secrets behind their successful relationship, saying they laugh it off when they get mistaken for grandfather and granddaughter 

Alexis Tadlock, 24, told Caters she never imagined she would fall head over heels for her new husband Charles Tadlock, 79,  but says he's the best thing that ever happened to her. 

The pair first met at church in Arkansas back in 2015, when Charles used to attend with his wife Kathy. But after Kathy passed away from lung disease at age 77, Alexis says she began hanging out with Charles, to keep him company. 

"I never had much to do with Charles, but one day I saw him sitting alone at church and he was crying," she told Caters

"I went to comfort him, and we talked for ages. We became good friends after that, and we would go do things together and just hang out."

age gap couple
Alexis Tadlock, 24, and Charles Tadlock, 79. Photo credit: Caters.

After nearly a year of getting to know each other, funeral director Alexis said she began developing feelings towards retired school principal Charles - despite the fact he was 55 years her senior.

"Eventually, I think we became dependent on each other and my feelings really started to grow the more time we spent together." 

She says she was "over the moon" when they admitted their feelings towards each other, and Charles eventually "popped the question" in October 2018. The pair married just two months later. 

Although the newlyweds said they have copped some backlash due to their over half-century age gap, they say they're happier than ever, and even want to have kids.

Alexis said that when she first told her family and friends about her engagement, there were "mixed reactions". While most were happy, others were "totally against it". 

But the pair says they don't care about what others think. 

"Usually people think I'm his granddaughter. Or they'll think I'm his nurse or carer.

"I am generally the one that tells people that we're married, and often they don't really know what to say. They looked very shocked. But we don't act any differently in public. I'll kiss his cheek and we'll hold hands." 

PIC FROM Alexis Tadlock/Caters News - (PICTURED:  Alexis Tadlock, 24, with her husband Charles, 79, from Sheridan, Arkansas, USA, on their wedding day in Dec 2018) - A wife who gets mistaken for being her husbands granddaughter or nurse said they are happier than ever despite their 55-year age gap  and even want kids. Alexis Tadlock, 24, never imagined she would fall head over heels for her husband Charles, 79 but said he is the best thing that has ever happened to her. The young woman first met Charles and his first wife Kathy at church back in 2015 when they all used to attend Sunday services in their hometown of Sheridan, Arkansas, USA.SEE CATERS COPY
Photo credit: Caters.

Despite Charles turning 80 in August, they're even planning on having children, a decision Alexis says has copped some backlash. 

"I've been told I'm selfish if I have a child with him because they might grow up without a dad, but we want a baby. 

"A lot of people get angry because they assume that Charles can't give me children due to his age.

"But that is not true at all. We've gone for tests, and it's actually me that has some fertility issues that we're working on."

Alexis revealed that she does feel sad at times as she knows her husband is likely to die before she will but said that having a baby with Charles would be a way to "keep a part of him" with her forever.

Charles already has two adult children, aged 48 and 54.