Exclusive private school dating app launches in Aus, one step closer to NZ

Dating can be tough at the best of times but - thank God - a new app is aiming to cut out the plebs and only offer the elite.

Toffee, the world's first dating app exclusively for privately educated people, launched in Australia on Sunday, after a much hyped three-week roll out.

The app's motto is 'Dating. Refined.'  This pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

Toffee has been operating in the UK (the country with the strongest private/public school divide) for a few years now, with Australia the second country ever to have it operate.

Founder Lydia Davis told the Sydney Morning Herald that's due to the large number of privately educated Australians - around a third of current students.

"We felt that Australia would be the best place for us to roll out to first though, as we were inundated with requests for us to launch there," she said.

The name 'Toffee' is itself a play on words. In the UK, 'Toff' is a slang term to describe someone from a privileged background - think the cast of Made in Chelsea.

While the app has reportedly already had thousands of downloads, it's also been branded 'elitist' and 'snobby'.

Davis insists that's not the case.

"I know it's a touchy subject, it's such a touchy subject in the UK, but we were like, 'this is dating, we want people to meet and to fall in love'," she told 10 Daily.

There's been no official word yet on whether Kiwis looking for an allegedly more refined individual will be able to download the app, but with a strong private school system here it's a definite possibility.

There are about 30,000 kids enrolled in the 4 percent of completely private schools across the New Zealand - not counting Catholic state-integrated options.

Unlike Tinder and Bumble, the app doesn't come free, (are we suprised?) it costs $6.99 a month.

According to those Aussie reporters who have braved the app, users can select their 'dream menu' (including cocktails and cheeseboard) and tick which events they might be attending that month - perhaps the Australian Open, or the Land Rover Urban Polo.

As a privately educated woman from Christchurch, I can only imagine the kind of ruckus this app would cause down in the city where schooling seems to mean everything. If Toffee launches in NZ, it might be time to ditch my publicly educated boyfriend and get swiping.