Facebook's 'shake-to-report' function to become default across mobile devices

Facebook is making their 'shake-to-report' feature a default setting across iOS and Android devices.

The feature, which has previously been a feature iPhones owners could opt into, allows users to shake their device while on the Facebook app to report a technical issue.

If the user comes across a bug, they can shake their phone and a pop-up menu will appear on the screen, providing the user with the option to report a bug.

It also allows them to find out more information about how they can report abuse by another user.

According to fact checking website Snope, Facebook confirmed the feature was being rolled out globally to users throughout early June.

A Facebook post about the feature, cited by Snope, alleged that people were accidentally shaking their phone and reporting to Facebook whoever's account was on their phone.

They said this had led their friends to be put into "Facebook jail", meaning to have their account suspended or their abilities constrained.

But Snope reports that the feature won't inadvertently send reports to Facebook about users' behaviour.