Homeopaths are dosing kids with vitamin C to 'cure' autism

Autistic kids in the US are being dosed up with vitamin C in an attempt to 'cure' their condition.

The Guardian reports hundreds of homeopathic practitioners are carrying out a therapy called Cease, which stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression.

They claim high doses of vitamin C can reverse autism brought on by vaccination - falsely, because there is no evidence autism is caused by vaccinations, or that it's a condition that can be cured - let alone by vitamin C.

The Guardian reports there are at least 200 homepaths providing Cease therapy, and many of them are also promoting an "immunological education programme" called homeoprophylaxis, which claims kids can be kept healthy without vaccines through "natural methods". It involves kids taking homeopathic remedies made from 'pathological disease tissue' in diluted form.

The US Food and Drug Administration told the paper it has warned against the use of homeopathic remedies because "of concerns that they have not been shown to offer clinical benefits... and that they also may cause serious harm".

Earlier this year the newspaper reported around 150 UK homeopaths were ordered to stop claiming they can cure autism under the Cease treatment regime.

"Those failing to get their houses in order will be targeted with further sanctions," the head of the UK Advertising Standards Authority said in March.

Last month YouTube cracked down on videos claiming autism could be cured by drinking diluted bleach.

University of Auckland microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles told Newshub its proponents were "spreading dangerous bullshit".