'I lie awake crying': Australian mummy blogger reveals financial woes, slams 'd**k' fan

An Aussie mummy blogger has revealed she is facing financial strife; saying she's unable to feed her family and even "googling bankruptcy".

Blogging 'Queen' Constance Hall has opened up about her financial woes in a tell-all Facebook post after a follower apparently claimed they felt financially "excluded" from her AU$7.50 a month subscription blog.

According to Hall, the saddened fan also added she "felt bullied" and that the money had gone to Hall's head.

Hall, whose Facebook page has over 1 million likes and who appeared on the Australian version of Dancing With The Stars, penned an open letter to the fan on Facebook, writing she "lies awake in bed crying" because she can't pay her electricity bill.

"I have maxed out my credit card to pay my rates, legal fees of three court cases and I have just applied for a loan to pay more off more bills," wrote Hall, who is reportedly being sued by her former business partner for unpaid royalties and defamation.

"I can't even afford private therapy to help me cope with the fact that the walls are closing in on my finances, my husband works in my company full time for almost nothing, so many people are relying on me to come up with some crazy new idea to make money to put food on tables."

The mother-of-seven also wrote that her children have "gone without so much".

"I have told them it's so they become better people... it's not, it's because, at the moment, we have nothing.

"I have googled 'bankruptcy' so many times just preying I come up with a solution [sic]. I am subconsciously losing attachment to my home because I know I could lose it."

However, Hall says her post wasn't a "'poor me' message", instead an "'ASSUMPTIONS MAKE YOU A D**K' message."

She finished her post on a hopeful note, writing, "All I can do is hope and keep creating, spend time in nature and try to stay grateful. I have so much, focus on that."

Fans of Hall have issued messages of support on the Facebook page.

"YOU are doing an amazing job! Never ever underestimate the good that you are providing to so many people who to be honest, just need a bit of honesty, faith and hope in their lives" wrote one woman.

"Con, you just keep doing you babe. All the queens are right here watching you shine such a tremendously beautiful light, don't let the minority dull what you have given to so many of us," wrote another.