Man doesn't realise he's slept with his girlfriend's mum until he goes to their house

Exhausted young man with laptop in office
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A man has shared his horrifyingly embarrassing realisation on the internet after he discovered he's previously slept with his girlfriend's mother.

The man posted on Reddit to share his mistake with the world.

"I live in a pretty big town, however, there are only three decent clubs so it's pretty common to bump into the same strangers every now and then," he wrote.

One of these strangers he bumped into was an older woman. He got her number and they texted a bit but nothing happened - until next weekend that is.

He went back to her house and spent the night.

"I noticed she was a lot older (maybe around 40) than anyone I've slept with before, and I'm 21 so pretty much double my age. But she looked good so I figured I'd learn a thing or two. All I've learnt now is how to regret more efficiently," he said.

A few weeks passed, and he met another girl closer to his age on Tinder. After a few dates, the new 19-year-old girl invites him back to her place. 

"My heart sank when I watched this lovely girl turn to face me and say 'Well this is me!' while gesturing to the same door I went through for a cheap one night stand. I suddenly see the resemblance.

"Quickly I compliment her house and ask her how long she had lived there, grasping at some flimsy straws."

The girl told him she has lived there her whole life, with her parents, sister and dog. 

"Everyone was home. I had to tell her," the man writes.

"Thankfully she actually understood and didn't attack me for it. We do agree we can't keep seeing each other, but I really did like her which can be rare for me so it f***ing sucks."

The man concluded his woeful tale saying he has no idea of the relationship between the girls' parents, and doesn't know if he is a home wrecker.