Man explains he bizarrely met his wife after leaving flowers on her murdering uncle's grave

A UK man has revealed the strange story behind meeting his wife, and it's captured the hearts of Twitter users.

 Author and Twitter user 'Sixth Form Poet', whose real name is Matt, started his series of viral tweets on Sunday (local time) explaining that it all began when his father died.

"Don't worry, it gets funnier," he clarified in the Tweet.

"I always took flowers and my mum visited a lot and she always took flowers and my grandparents were still alive then and they always took flowers. 

"My dad's grave frequently resembled a solid third place at the Chelsea Flower Show." 

But during his visits, Matt says noticed that the grave next to his father was always empty, so he began also buying flowers for the man who died at age 37.

"I did this for quite some time, but I never mentioned it to anyone. It was a little private joke with myself, I was making the world a better place one bunch of flowers at a time.

"I know it sounds weird but I came to think of him as a friend."

After over two years of the habit, Matt decided to Google his new dead friend.

It was then he discovered the shocking truth.

"His wife didn't leave him flowers BECAUSE HE'D MURDERED HER. ON CHRISTMAS DAY," he wrote.

"After he murdered his wife, he murdered her parents too. And after that he jumped in front of the only train going through Balcombe tunnel that Christmas night.

"THAT was why no one ever left him flowers. No one except me, of course. I left him flowers. I left him flowers every couple of weeks FOR TWO AND A HALF YEARS."

Matt was so appalled, he tracked down the graves of the man's murdered wife and parents, and began leaving them flowers as well, as a type of apology.

As he was doing so, a woman approached him wanting to know why he was visiting the plots of her aunt and grandparents.

"I explained and she said ok that's weird but quite sweet. I said thanks, yes it is a bit weird and oh god I ASKED HER OUT FOR A DRINK," Matt concluded his extraordinary tale.

"Incredibly, she said yes. Two years later she said yes again when I asked her to marry me because that is how I met my wife."

Matt's story has gone viral, racking up thousands of likes on Twitter.

One person called it a "contender for the greatest 'how I met my wife' story ever".

Another said it was "One of my favourite stories I've EVER read on here" and someone else pleaded "Please say this is 100 percent true cos quite frankly I don't know what I'm going to do with myself otherwise."

Matt's stories didn't end there, also writing two other equally heart-warming stories about taking his kids to Disneyland, and their relationship with their next door neighbours.

Whether the tales are true or not, fans are clamouring for them to become a Netflix series ASAP.