Meat-free New Zealand - are we there yet?

For a long time, conscious environmental connoisseurs and veggies alike craving a meaty fix at the barbie had the choice between vegetarian sausages - and more vegetarian sausages.

But for seasoned meat eaters, these bold attempts were no substitute for the real thing.

Environmental concerns and an increase in food tech has seen a boom in plant-based food products - and more and more brand new items for the shopping list.

Methylcellulose is deemed the next big replacement for the real thing, with Pea Protein Isolate mimicking the texture and taste of meat products.

The company behind California's Impossible Burgers have premiered heme, the compound that gives meat its unique taste and smell. 

Heme is cultivated in  genetically engineered yeast, set to impress even the most bloody-minded meat eaters.

Last year Air New Zealand came under fire from New Zealand's beef industry after adding the Impossible Burger to their menu.

It could be a healthier option for the environment. But with all the tinkering, tampering and processing going on in the lab - is it really a healthier option for us?

Future Foods specalist Dr Rosie Bosworth chatted at the desk about where we are heading. 

Watch the video for the full interview.