Myanmar doctor has her license revoked for posting bikini pictures on Instagram

Myanmar doctor has her license revoked for posting bikini pictures on Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram/nangmwesan

A female doctor in Myanmar has lost her medical license for posting pictures of herself in a bikini to Instagram.

Nang Mwe San became a doctor at 22, but being a physician was never her dream, and she wanted to be a "sexy model" instead.

The now 29-year-old began to post model shots of herself to Instagram two years ago. She also started appearing in commercials, she told the New York Times. 

Her modeling photos did not appeal to the Myanmar Medical Council who told her in January to stop posting them and delete the ones which were already up.

But Dr. Mwe San refused, and in June she was informed by the council that her medical license had been revoked.

She says the decision is sexist.

"Here there is so much sexism," she told the New York Times.

"They don't want women in higher positions, and the judge women on what they wear. They don't even want us to wear trousers." 

Mwe San posted on Instagram on Monday to share her feelings about the council's decision.

"Society doesn't own women's body. My body my right," she wrote. 

She says the council told her earlier this year she had a behavioural disorder and needed to stop dressing in a way which went against Myanmar's traditional culture.

She plans to appeal the ruling and seek to have her license reinstated, reports the New York Times.

"I will try my best to keep it because I spent a lot of my time and worked hard to get it," she said.

She admits she is earning more as a model than a doctor, but it's not just the money which makes her love it.

"It is my passion. I feel more comfortable and happy working as a model."