Nadia Lim reveals new foodie venture, offers top tips on timesaving

Now that Nadia Lim has finished with Dancing With The Stars, you might have thought she's slowing down.

But nothing could be further from the truth - the My Food Bag co-founder says she's "finally" tackling her next project; ready-made, heat and eat meals.

'Made' meals are hand-made and based on Lim's Nude Food philosophy. Each meal is created using fresh seasonal vegetables and local free-range meats.

A Made chicken tikka masala.
A Made chicken tikka masala. Photo credit: Supplied.

Appearing on the AM Show this week, Lim says they're great for those with little time on their hands, including new mums.

"When I was doing all the dancing I didn't have time to cook, so I've been eating lots of these," she says.

"They're all really great and really easy. We've got the normal range and then the range that's under 450 calories for those that want something a little lighter."

Options include dishes like chicken korma, Italian beef lasagna, and chicken and leek pie.

"If you need to save time, have a night off and order some of these in; then spend more time with bubs, or watching Game of Thrones or whatever," Lim recommends.

They're a great option for those who would normally turn to takeaways. A My Food Bag survey found convenience was seen as the key benefit of takeaways, however 54 percent of those people saw takeout meals as unhealthy, too.

"These meals are the perfect solution for those busy nights or weeks when you'd usually resort to beans on toast or a takeaway," says Lim.

During her AM Show interview, Lim offered some other time-saving tips she finds useful.

"If you have something you need to get done, I would say turn off your phone and your emails and everything so that there's no distractions and you'll save a lot of time," she recommends.

Another is to have a "rolling shopping list".

"It's really annoying if you go to cook a recipe and you realize you've run out of mayonnaise or spices or butter, I find it really helpful to have a rolling shopping list.  When you're getting low on something quickly put it on the list."