New 'Slutbot' app promises to teach you how to 'talk dirty'

woman using Slutbot chat app
The new app promises to help improve your flirting technique. Photo credit: Getty.

There's no doubt the massive role our smartphones play in our relationships these days. Whether you met your significant other on a dating app like Tinder or Bumble, or you're just navigating the world of flirting via Instagram, Snapchat or Messenger, your phone can sometimes feel like the third person in your relationship.

But what if you're dabbling in the world of 'sexting', and you're no good at it? Well of course, because it's 2019, there's an app for that.

Enter 'Slutbot' - the new chat service from sex and relationship-advice app Juicebox.

The Slutbot service aims to make any person an expert at sexting; an automated sex coach offering different "flows" (conversation threads) depending on a person's gender, relationship status and sexuality.  You can also choose from a "Slow & Gentle" conversation or one that's "Hot & Sexy." Probably unsurprisingly, the latter is the more popular choice.

"People think sex and dating is supposed to be easy and innate," Brianna Rader, founder and chief executive of Juicebox, told The New York Times. "But it's not. It's absolutely a life skill just like all other life skills, but unfortunately we're never formally taught these things."

"We feel like Slutbot is kind of a safe space."

The app promises to teach you all about "sextiquette", but if it all gets too much you can back off by using the safe word - "pineapple".

There's reportedly an emphasis on consent, and the app pulls back from derogatory language (so sorry if you're into that). Those who actually reach an end of a 'Slutbot' conversation will then get what the app describes as a "special image" - we're guessing it's probably a bit sexy.

Hosts of Newshub podcast The Snack, Mon Barton and Sarah Templeton tried out the app by running through some of the hypothetical conversations. 

New 'Slutbot' app promises to teach you how to 'talk dirty'
Photo credit: Juicebox.

Sarah Templeton and Monika Barton host a magazine-style podcast talking all things love, relationships, dating and of course, sex.

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