Protesters place coathangers labelled 'at-home abortion kits' in US pharmacies

Protesters have left coathangers proclaiming to be "at-home abortion" kits in pharmacies across the United States.

The hangers have been placed in protest to recent moves from nine states to restrict access to abortion, referring to the wire coathanger's historic role in illegal abortions.

Each "kit" comes with a label proclaiming it to be available in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio and Utah.

These states passed a new law restricting access to abortion in 2019, with many setting a limit of six weeks or forbidding abortion after a heartbeat is detected, which would prevent abortions after six to eight weeks.

The label says more states are pending, in reference to more restrictive abortion laws proposed across the US.

Instagram artist Plastic Jesus has admitted to being behind the hangers, posting a photo of them and a caption explaining they were installed in states that have recently implemented "tough abortion limits".

The artist clarified on their website to say 50 people were involved in the demonstration, which saw the coathangers left in pharmacies next to condoms.

"Women should be free to make their own choices about their health, these rights are protected by the constitution under Roe v Wade. However, old wealthy white, driven by their misguided belief in ‘God’ seem to think they know what is best for women," the website says.

"The states are turning back the clock on progress, healthcare and rights by decades."