This bracelet shocks you into breaking your bad habits

woman eating food from fridge
The bracelet shocks you when you go to indulge in those 'bad' behaviours. Photo credit: Getty.

It can be tough to break those bad habits you've formed over a lifetime - so would you be willing to go through some pain for the eventual gain? 

That's the model for a new wrist strap for sale on Amazon, which uses a small electric current to zap you into giving up your bad habits. 

The nifty little Pavlok wrist band, which looks similar to a FitBit, can be used to try and break habits like smoking, biting nails or eating junk food.

According to founder Maneese Sethi, the pain is about as bad as if you were to touch a doorknob after rubbing your socks on the carpet.

"There's a real power in using a little bit of pain to help you break your bad habits," he adds in the product description. 

Be warned - the life improvement doesn't come cheap. The strap is currently retailing at US$200 (NZ$307). But each charge gives you about 150 zaps, which would hopefully last you a few days, depending on how naughty you want to be. 

The idea was born out of Sethi's social media addiction. 

"I suffered from ADHD, and found myself addicted to Facebook. I wrote a blog post where I hired someone to slap me every time I went on Facebook, and my productivity skyrocketed," he explained. 

"On the other hand, none of my many fitness trackers motivated me at all. So I thought, 'why are there so many devices tracking what I do, but not changing what I do?' And Pavlok was born."

Sethi says the best part is receiving user's stories about breaking their bad habits. 

"Hearing how some people who have tried everything finally broke their habits with Pavlok is amazing," he says.  

However, although while some say it's a success, many of the reviews on Amazon reveal the same flaw: the bracelet dying after a couple of months of use. 

"The shock charge is suddenly merely a vibration now - extremely disappointed after only three months using this product," one review read. 

The company also produces a similar bracelet, however, it is used as an alarm clock that gives you no choice but to get out of bed.