UK woman outraged after ordering size 16 swimsuit, sent two size eights instead

A UK woman has been left baffled after she ordered a size 16 bikini, and instead was sent two separate size 8 bottoms instead

Katrina Harradine, 29, purchased the £7.60 (NZ$14.60) two-piece bikini from online fashion retailer Boohoo.

She told Metro she was excited to wear the swimsuit for her upcoming holiday in St Lucia, but when she went to try on her new swimsuit before the trip she was in for a nasty surprise.

The freelance project manager took to Twitter to call out the UK retailer and shared photos of the ridiculous gaffe.

She wrote online, "Hey @boohoo_cshelp did y'all run out of size 16 bikini bottoms so send me two size 8's as a maths joke?? I actually wish I was kidding!"

She also added that the top was nowhere a true size 16, perhaps instead for "a "16-month-old baby or a woman with just one breast".

Harradine told Metro that "sizing is never perfect but you don't ever expect anything as bad as this".

"You usually end up ordering and hoping for the best but this is ridiculous."

She claims she has been given a "feeble" apology and told to send the package back along with a note.

It's not the first time a customer has been let down by an online fashion retailer. Last month, another UK woman said she was "absolutely appalled" after receiving a playsuit she purchased online, with "washed out blood stains between the legs".