'World of pain': Exploded hot water bottle leaves mum with third-degree burns

The bottle explosion left the woman with third-degree burns.
The bottle explosion left the woman with third-degree burns. Photo credit: Bree Schulz/supplied

A young Australian mother has suffered third-degree burns after her hot water bottle exploded in bed.

Bree Schulz, 21, passed out from the agony when the boiling water burst over her body. The incident occurred on June 2 in her New South Wales home. 

Schulz's husband, Tyson, put her in a cold shower and called paramedics. Schulz was rushed to hospital.

The mother-of-one suffered from blistering third-degree burns on her back, legs and hands.

Schulz wrote a post on Facebook describing the ordeal, warning others of the potential danger.

"I was suddenly in a whole world of pain," she wrote.

"I'm writing this to let people know how dangerous hot water bottles can be."

According to Schulz, the hot water bottle was a fairly new purchase and wasn't even a year-old.

Schulz said she released the excess air from the bottle, and put a cover over it. She says the bottle was next to her in bed, and was not touching her body at the time it exploded.

She warned against using boiling water from the kettle.

"I never thought it would happen to me and it did."