A new study reveals the worst male sexual issue, according to women

couple in bed
Women say low libido is the biggest issue in the bedroom. Photo credit: Getty.

A sex therapy website has released results of a survey which reveals what women think is the worst sexual issue men face…and to be honest, it doesn't reflect particularly well on us.

Women in the US, UK and Canada were surveyed by site Between Us, before the results were released as public data (ironic). 

The results from this heteronormative study of over 1000 women show we're highly bothered by sexual issues. The data even suggests that many would avoid starting a relationship - or would end an existing one - because of sexual dysfunction.

A majority of women (38 percent) said low libido is the most bothersome sexual issue in men with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation falling behind. 

If you're confused - or worried - about the difference, the site explains a man with erectile dysfunction struggles to get or maintain an erection even if he wants to have sex. 

A man with low libido, on the other hand, simply doesn't experience much sexual desire.

Dr Anne Lessler, a urologist, told The Sun earlier this month that young men under 40 have an "exceptionally high prevalence of erectile dysfunction". 

"The global prevalence of erectile dysfunction is high and represents a significant burden on the quality of life of men and their partners."

A whopping 41 percent of women said they would not date a man with erectile dysfunction, and 25 percent would end a relationship because of it.

However, the results also showed that we're a hypocritical bunch, with sexual dysfunction clearly a common issue in women, affecting up to 63 percent of us. 

Seventy percent of women surveyed expect their partner to get help if they have a sexual problem

The good news is that most sexual issues can be treated. Clinics like Auckland Men's clinic specialise in sexual problems like low libido and erectile dysfunction.