An addiction specialist gives her best tips for ditching the booze this Dry July

Most of us know we should be drinking a little less, but when you sit down after a long day without a drink, it can sometimes feel like something's missing.

If you are one of the 6000 Kiwis who got on board with Dry July, well done - you made it through the first weekend.

Since 2012, Dry July has inspired nearly 30,000 of us to ditch the drink for 31 days straight and raise millions of dollars in the fight against cancer.

Each year, on average, each New Zealander spends about $3000 on booze.

The drink kills 1000 Kiwis each year.

"Dry July's the perfect opportunity to go [cut back] for a serious amount of time," addiction and counselling specialist Margo Regan told The Project.

"Give yourself a good opportunity to go 'can I do this'?"

Regan said those without a plan for the month find it hard to keep the momentum going.

"It's good to recognise where your triggers are," she said. "So maybe it's after work you need that drink to de-stress.

"There can be a lot of social pressure around drinking; not smoking cigarettes has become acceptable now, not using plastic bags has become acceptable, but there still can be that pressure with drink."

Watch the video for the full interview.


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